Dr. Rafael E. Cuellar trained and specialized at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania where he did extensive research in digestive tract bleeding, esophagus infections, esophageal and stomach problems in eating disorders, liver disease and pharmacology. He has published numerous studies along with world renowned gastroenterologists, hepatologists, transplant surgeons and psychiatrists.

Dr. Cuellar has a passion for lifestyle modification and empowering patients to do what they can do for themselves: MEDITATION, NUTRITION and EXERCISE.

He also is experienced in treating difficult problems of the esophagus, stomach and bowels issues, including severe heartburn, ulcer problems, IBS,  removal of colon polyps and early detection of colon cancer.

What We Do

Hemorrhoid Treatment. Laser-like Infrared Coagulation of hemorrhoids

Dr. Cuellar also has extensive experience treating hemorrhoids with Infrared Coagulation, which is a treatment delivering a beam in a way similar to laser that destroys the hemorrhoids in a much less uncomfortable manner than rubber banding and surgery.

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